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MSS provides a full range of environmental, health, safety, security, and quality management system services globally. We specialize in bringing companies through management system implementation and certification, providing gap assessment and auditing services, managing internal audit and corrective action programs, and providing one-on-one mentoring to System Managers.

Our team has worked in all regions of the world and we have team members who speak English, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing Environmental, Health, Safety, Quality, and Security management system services. Management systems designed and implemented by us are in use in countries on six continents. Our certification auditors have performed over 300 Third-Party Certification Audits since 1996.

  • Executive Overview Training
  • Gap assessment
  • Action plan development
  • Hazard & risk identification / prioritization
  • Identification of significant aspects / risks
  • Internal auditor training & internal auditing
  • Root cause analysis and corrective & preventive action program development
  • Coaching through the certification processes for ISO 14001, Responsible Care, Cyanide Code, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 9001

We can efficiently bring your company through full system implementation and third-party certification in as little as 8-10 months. Cost effective and streamlined, we support you on a global scale.

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United States Environmental Protection Agency:

National Forum on Mercury in Fish

Jurczyk, Nicole, & Marcussen, Claire, & Tucker, William (1995): Risk Assessment: A Tiered Approach. - The National Environmental Journal, 5 (5): 20-22

N Jurczyk. 1994-1995. Effective Environmental Management: The Roles of LCA and Life Cycle Impact Assessment, EAEME – European Environmental Management Master’s Thesis.

Using Sustainable Production Indicators to Measure Progress in ISO 14001, EHS System and EPA Achievement Track

Journal - Corporate Environmental Strategy
Volume - 8
Issue - 4
Published - 2001/12
Author - Veleva, Vesela
Author - Bailey, Jack
Author - Jurczyk, Nicole
SN - 1066-7938
M3 - doi: 10.1016/S1066-7938(01)00138-5


This case study presents results from testing a new tool — indicators of sustainable production (ISPs) — at Acushnet Rubber of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The authors demonstrate how the tool can be used to measure continual improvement and how it fits within the current system for reporting compliance to regulations; and performance under ISO 14001 (environmental management system standard), the environmental, health and safety (EHS) system, and EPA Achievement Track.

Developed at the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production (LCSP), this tool includes both core (common for all companies) and supplemental (production-specific) indicators, and aims to raise awareness, support decision-making, and promote continuous improvement toward sustainability. Indicators such as energy use, water use, global warming potential, lost work time case rate, turnover rate, community spending and charitable contributions, among others, were tested at both facility and corporate levels. Results showed the company's progress in EHS as well as the areas that need improvement. The paper concludes with a summary of key lessons learned and recommendations for further use of the tool.

Media Room

Here are just three Examples of our Responsible Care® Award Winning Clients:
  • Honeywell Specialty Materials
  • Lacy's Express

Honeywell Specialty Materials received the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care Leader of the year Award in May 2007.

14 May 2007 00:00 [Source: ICB Americas]


Employees from Honeywell Speciality Materials and Superior Carriers have been presented with The American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Responsible Care leader of the year award. Honeywell's Maria Krysa is the company's global leader of the Health, Safety and Environment management systems, while Ken Sevcik is vice president of quality assurance for Superior Carriers. Both were commended for their "outstanding work and dedication to Responsible Care." Commenting, Jack Gerard, ACC president and CEO, said, "Responsible Care continues to be the gold standard for industry performance initiatives and [this year's winners] are a fine example for others to follow.

(Retrieved from:

Lacy's Express received the Responsible Care ® Partner Award in 2010.

3 May 2010 [Source: Miami, Florida]

Chemical Industry Leaders Recognized for Responsible Care ® Performance

Responsible Care "Partner Award," being presented for the first time, recognizes the performance and excellent safety record of "partner companies"; for example, companies that are involved in the distribution, transportation, storage, use, treatment-disposal and/or sales and marketing of chemicals. This year's Responsible Care Partner award winners are GATX Rail, Miller Transporters, Inc and Lacy's Express, Inc.

(Retrieved from: American Chemistry Council)