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MSS Instructors have over 30 years of auditing experience. Learn from the best.

MSS offers professional training courses to support all aspects of your environmental, health, safety, security and quality management system. We specialize in training Auditors, C-Suite, and Program Leaders how to be successful in auditing and managing management systems according to:

Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) ®
RC14001 ®
ISO 14001
Cyanide Code
ISO 45001
ISO 9001

Successful completion of the MSS RCMS/RC14001 Lead Auditor Course provides the necessary TPECS Responsible Care Auditor (RC) competency credential needed to conduct third-party (Audit Service Provider) RCMS and RC14001 certification audits. This course meets the requirements of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and is approved by Exemplar Global, the ACC Designee for the administration of RCMS/RC14001 course and professional auditor certifications.

The RCMS/RC14001 Lead Auditor course is approved as valid training when applying to become an Exemplar Global Certified Responsible Care Auditor.
This credential can help open doors to a new career path as a Third-Party Certification Auditor for RCMS and RC14001. Register Here.

Responsible Care Management System, RCMS, and RC14001 are registered trademarks of the American Chemistry Council.

MSS is a Certified Exemplar Global TPECS Training Provider. TPECS is the Exemplar Global Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme.
MSS has been independently audited and deemed as meeting the TPECS certification requirements.

Upcoming Courses

RCMS/RC14001 Lead Auditor Instructor Led Online Training

This three day Instructor Led Online RCMS/RC14001 Lead Auditor Training is taught by Nicole Jurczyk, a Professional Responsible Care Lead Auditor with over 30 years of auditing experience. Learn the RCMS/RC14001 requirements through interactive instructor led sessions and work group sessions on how to effectively audit all the RC requirements including: Context of the Organization Aspects, Hazards, and Risks Operational Control of Environmental, Health, Safety, Security...